Inauguration of Coating Service Center Brings Stakeholders Together

Sep 12, 2023

After hard work, Regional President Yaowen Wang, and his Chinese team have reached a long-anticipated milestone and invitees from both China and Sweden will soon be welcomed at Impact Coatings’ Shanghai Coating Service Center. The date for the formal inauguration has been set to the 26th of September and preparations are in full motion. 

Guest List and Program

Invitations for the inauguration of the Coating Service Center has been sent to customers, local officials, and representatives from Swedish Consulate in Shanghai. From Swedish Headquarters, VP of Coating Services, Dr. Carina Höglund, and VP Marketing & Communication, Anette Therén, will join the celebrations with the local team.

The inauguration program offers ample time to mingle, celebrate and explore the newest addition to the Impact Coatings facility family. A deep dive into what is to come in a panel talk focusing on hydrogen industry challenges and opportunities is also part of the program.

“When working close to customers in a fast-moving industry such as the hydrogen industry, understanding common threats and possibilities is the best way to pave the way to joint success. We truly look forward to welcoming our honored guests, customers, and colleagues to our Coating Service Center here in Shanghai to showcase our coating solutions, and discuss coming steps for the industry”, said Yaowen Wang, Regional president China at Impact Coatings.

Production Capacity and Equipment

The new coating facility is located in the Qingpu District in Shanghai, China, a hydrogen industry innovation hotspot.

The complete production line in the newly established Coating Service Center is equipped with a high-capacity cleaning line, quality control lab, logistics areas, and office space. With a highly skilled team of fourteen, and top-of-the-line equipment, the facility has an initial annual capacity to coat 1 million fuel cell plates.

Regional President Robert Mamazza Ph.D.
Yaowen Wang
Regional President China