Experience the future with PVD coatings

Experience the future with PVD coatings

Experience the future with PVD coatings

Experience the future with PVD coatings

World-class PVD coating technology for sustainable and safe living

Impact Coatings delivers clean coating technology for modern manufacturing. Our PVD solutions are used widely: in cleantech, automotive safety, luxury consumer products, and many other demanding applications.

Hydrogen is the rising star of emerging energy and transport systems that are free from fossil fuels. As the “hydrogen society” evolves, Impact Coatings will be a key global supplier of cost-efficient coating solutions that accelerate hydrogen production and fuel cell electric vehicle adoption.





Class-leading PVD equipment and coating services

Impact Coatings’ PVD equipment combine high-quality coatings with cost-effective and reliable volume production. The patented short-cycle system design allows integration and automation suitable for the modern factory.

Read more about our INLINECOATER™ product line.

At our facility in Sweden we provide a full in-house coating service operation that supports customers in various applications, including fuel cell plates, fashion products, electrical connectors, and medical devices.


Upcoming Events

H2 Mobility Energy Show

September 8-11, 2021
A part of the Swedish Pavilion
Kintex Exhibition Center(Hall 9), Goyang City, South Korea

f-cell Stuttgart – Energizing Hydrogen Markets

September 14-15, 2021
Booth 6, Eyth-Saal
Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart

Fakuma – International trade fair for plastics processing

October 12-16, 2021
Friedrichshafen, Germany
Booth TBC