PVD Systems

PVD Systems from Impact Coatings enable cost-efficient coating production for a wide range of applications.

We match our system solutions with flexible delivery models to support customers in all product development stages. This means full control in each production stage, minimal financial and technical risk, and support matched for each development stage.


The INLINECOATER™ product line consists of system solutions for coatings for fuel cell and electrolysis metal bipolar plates, metallization on plastic and metal, and specialized decorative and functional coatings.

In contrast to traditional batch coating systems, the INLINECOATER’s unique architecture and interface allows automation for continuous throughput for high volume production with high coating quality and production stability. Our patented load-lock and chamber architecture allows loading in parallel with coating processes in multiple chambers. This results in very short cycle times, typically 30 seconds, which makes the INLINECOATER™ well suited for reliable volume production in industrial environments.

In R&D and multi-PVD process environments, the INLINECOATER™ platform can be configured for maximum flexibility, allowing a rapid switch between applications or processes.

INLINECOATERFC in automated production line for fuel cell metal bipolar plates (animation)


The INLINECOATER™FC is dedicated to coatings of metal bipolar plates for hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysis. 

INLINECOATER™R in production cell for automotive lighting reflectors (Courtesy of Iskra Mehanizmi)


The industry’s most cost efficient manufacturing solution for lighting reflectors, fulfilling automotive industry standards and requirements.


INLINECOATER™M is the industry’s most cost-efficient manufacturing solutions for plastic metallization and metallization of metal parts.


The INLINECOATER™D provides durable decorative ceramic coatings. A wide range of colors can be achieved, including deep black (L<30).

System Solution Delivery Models

Coating Services

Our Coating Services team supports you in all stages of development and production. Customers matching our Coating Center workflow maintain production in Coating Services.

Managed Services

Managed Services is when an Impact system is operated in the customer’s or third party’s premises with Impact Production and Support Teams handling daily operations.

This setup suits customers not planning to build its own organization with core PVD competence. Impact Coatings support you with a matched system and the right operational expertise.

In-House Production

The customer verifies coating technology and fine-tunes the coating solution in close collaboration with our expert teams, buys and operates the system In-House in own regime. An in-house production system is packaged with our standard Support and Maintenance package for optimal performance.

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