PVD Coating Systems

PVD Coating Systems from Impact Coatings enable cost-efficient coating production for a wide range of applications.

We match our system solutions with flexible delivery models to support customers in all product development stages. This means full control in each production stage, minimal financial and technical risk, and support matched for each development stage.

The INLINECOATER™ Product Family

Available in three sizes

Illustration IC500


Illustration IC500+


Compact, Flexible and Designed for Industrial Integration

The compact INLINECOATER™ PVD coating systems are available in three sizes – all built on the same modular platform offering short cycle times, and ease of operation with high quality control.

All INLINECOATER™ PVD coating systems can be run both manually and in automated production lines. This makes them highly suitable for both coating development and scale-up purposes.

Suitable Coating Technologies

  • Plasma etching
  • Arc evaporation
  • Magnetron sputtering

INLINECOATER™ – The Modular Platform

The INLINECOATER™ consists of machine core, three process chambers with several chamber configuration possibilities and matching electrical cabinets. This means that the machines can be configured for numerous processes and be prepared for upgrades and future innovation.

Technical drawing showing the top view of an INLINECOATER and the different modular machine parts
  1. Machine core
  2. Chamber Configuration
  3. Electrical Cabinet

Technical Specifications

Load lock Manual or automated
Number of process chambers 3
Internal transfer system Rotation in carousel, under vacuum
Plate holder Substrate-specific fixture,in carousel
Number of deposition sources Up to 6
  Designed for double-sided processes
Dry cycle time 22 s

Machine Layout IC2000

Coating Chambers

Illustration Chamber sizes
Model L x W x H Weight Chamber size
IC500 4700 x 1600 x 2300 mm 3000–3500kg 515 x 315mm
IC500+ 4800 x 1700 x 2300 mm 3000–3500kg 450 x 410mm
IC2000 6200 x 2200 x 2400 mm 4500–5000kg 650 x 550mm


Correct fixturing in the coating chamber is important to handle thermal expansion and secure correct placement of the substrates. To ensure optimal coating coverage and throughput, Impact Coatings designs customized fixtures. This enables optimal coating quality, and supports fast turnaround when an updated substrate design is needed.

Software Capabilities & Updates

The INLINECOATER™ systems can be configured for several processes and customer-specific parameters. The systems offer process control with immediate feedback and saved data log. Any deviations outside the process parameters will immediately trigger a warning. This means that quick analysis and diagnosis can be performed – either on-site or remote. As a last detail the HMI has been updated and improved in the latest generation of the INLINECOATER™ systems.

Example fixture in IC2000 chamber


The robust and modular INLINECOATERIC2000 is designed for optimal quality control and scaling volumes of larger format substrates. It’s a compact and versatile coating system ready to integrate into industrial production.

With a design that allows double-sided coating processes and a variety of configurations, the IC2000 is a highly capable and flexible production unit.

The IC2000 offers fast cycle times and continuous throughput paired with exceptional quality control. Combining several coating systems equals high level of adaptability for different coating processes and volume scenarios. Modular productivity also adds the benefit of system redundancy – meaning no production disruptions, adaptable energy consumption, and an optimal Total Cost of Ownership.

Main Advantages

  • Compact, robust design with a small workspace footprint
  • Easy to integrate into industrial production
  • Double chamber size – same cycle time
  • 3 process chambers for optimal flexibility
  • Designed for double-sided deposition
  • High, continuous throughput
  • Quick Plug and Play installation
PVD Coating system INLINECOATER IC2000 from Impact Coatings

System Solution Delivery Models

Flow chart Delivery models

Coating Services

Our Coating Services team supports you in all stages of development and production. Customers matching our Coating Center workflow maintain production in Coating Services.

Managed Services

Managed Services is when an Impact system is operated in the customer’s or third party’s premises with Impact Production and Support Teams handling daily operations.

This setup suits customers not planning to build its own organization with core PVD competence. Impact Coatings support you with a matched system and the right operational expertise.

In-House Production

The customer verifies coating technology and fine-tunes the coating solution in close collaboration with our expert teams, buys and operates the system In-House in own regime. An in-house production system is packaged with our standard Support and Maintenance package for optimal performance.

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