Your Coating Service Partner

We develop coating solutions perfectly matched to your application. In our modern and flexible Coating Centers we offer samples for test and verification, prototyping, and mid-to-large volume production for a wide range of products and applications.

Why Partner with Impact Coatings?

Accelerate your time to market and reduce financial and technical risk


Leverage 25 years of experience and expertise to your advantage.


Seamless scaling. Same systems and processes from samples to pre-series and volume production.


Scale production volumes with your own systems, with managed systems, or stay with Coating Services.

Coating Service Process

Icons Process Service Solutions

Coating Technology Verification

Evaluation of coating samples in close dialogue with our
experienced teams.


Your product or system component and our coating solutions
perfectly matched for best performance.

Pre-series and Ramp-up Scenarios

Final tuning for high-volume production. Increase volumes and
verify continuous quality.

Volume Production

Exit Coating Services to Managed Services or own In-House Production,
or stay with Coating Services.

2nd Source

Always have the option to take advantage of Coating Services as a 2nd source
with the same setup of systems and processes.

Our Core Expertise Areas

Hydrogen Solutions

Fuel Cell and Electrolysis Coatings

Leverage 10+ years of experience in the hydrogen market. Pre-qualified PVD coating solutions for fuel cells.

Metallization Solutions

Autonomous Safety Components

10+ years of experience in automotive safety component coatings. Experienced R&D and PVD coating operation teams.

Tailored Solutions

Functional and Decorative Coatings

20+ years of experience in specialized PVD coatings. Designed properties – look, feel, function, wear resistance.

Global Sales and Coating Service Centers

Illustration Impact Coatings World Map

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