Increased Efficiency

The smart system architecture in the PVD equipment from Impact Coatings results in high production uptime and continuous reliable performance.

Impact Coatings’ maintenance personnel typically visits a few times a year to perform scheduled maintenance to ensure a reliable production equipment. Daily and weekly inspections and maintenance can easily be performed by your inhouse team.

In addition to scheduled maintenance performed by Impact Coatings’ maintenance team, we provide support packages that meet the requirements in different customer segments. We also provide consumables, sputter targets and cathodes, tooling  such as fixtures and shields, and spare parts to support your daily operation.

We Offer

  • Scheduled maintenance to ensure that your PVD system is maintained in good working condition
  • The maintenance includes inspection, repairs and replacement of parts
  • Individual maintenance plan based on the customers processes and usage

Customer Benefits

Increased life expectancy of the equipment and machinery assets

Your system will run as new and retain value many years if maintained properly. We have developed a maintenance protocol that keep many of our customers machines running well beyond 10 years of continuous operation.


Reduced equipment downtime and maintained quality output 

Advanced PVD equipment needs proper maintenance to maintain quality and uptime. If the equipment is not properly maintained issues such as leakage and flaking will cause inadequate coating results, downtime, longer cycle time, and ultimately damage to the system.


Increased efficiency

Ensure optimal production flow with planned and scheduled maintenance intervals. We offer flexible packages with fixed prices based on your unique needs.

Maintenance packages available

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