Low-Attenuation Coating for Radome Emblems

Jul 1, 2020

Radomes, which protect against weather and debris, are placed in front of radar electronics for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Leading component suppliers have developed advanced production processes for radome emblems. Unique properties of Impact Coatings’ INLINECOATER™ metallization have helped manufacturers achieve the low attenuation required, the metallic appearance, and tight quality control in complex production.

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A radome is the cover of a radar system. In vehicles radar measures distances to surrounding objects for a variety of advanced driver assistant systems, including ACC (adaptive cruise control) and FCW (forward collision warning).

A typical radome emblem is manufactured in injection molded plastic and coated for a chromium metallic appearance, often combined with colored details. There is a conflict between required radar transparency and nondisturbance of the signal and the design requirements. This disqualifies traditional metal coating on plastic, using plating or traditional vacuum metallization.