The True Meaning of In-Line

by | Jun 20, 2019

Impact Coating was formed with a mission to provide efficient PVD system solutions that allow in-line integration in continuous production. With traditional box coater configurations PVD was not previously able to provide this opportunity.

We consider this to be the true meaning of in-line, and we are proud to call our PVD systems INLINECOATER™.

The INLINECOATER™ allows PVD coating to be in-line integrated in continuous production flows with multiple production steps.

The INLINECOATER systems are successfully employed in multiple industries, including automated production lines for lighting reflectors and decorative components in the demanding automotive industry.

The small chamber and short cycle architecture has other proven advantages, such as superior coating quality, color consistency, production versatility, and production yield and uptime. This is the reason both high-end eyewear and watch manufacturers choose the INLINECOATER for their decorative coating production. The unique PVD system design allows efficient coating-on-demand production flows even for luxury consumer products.

PVD systems from the INLINECOATER product line are used in multiple industries, including the automotive industry and for luxury consumer products.

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