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Impact Coatings is a global supplier of clean PVD coating solutions. We offer highly efficient coating systems, coating technology, and world-class coating services. Our core expertise is PVD, Physical Vapor Deposition – clean coating processes for modification and enhancement of surface properties with minimal environmental impact.

Our qualified PVD coating solutions are used in various applications to improve performance, increase durability, or add a refined finish to bring out the best in our customers’ products and systems.

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Our Core Areas of Expertise

Hydrogen Solutions Icon

Hydrogen Solutions

Leverage 10+ years of experience in the hydrogen market. Pre-qualified PVD coating solutions for fuel cells.

Autonomous Safety And Metallization Icon

Metallization Solutions

10+ years of experience in vehicle safety component coatings. Efficient PVD coating solutions.

Tailored Coating Solutions Icon

Tailored Solutions

20+ years of experience in specialized PVD coatings. Designed properties – look, feel, function, wear resistance.

Class-Leading PVD Equipment and Coating Services

A photo showing an Impact Coatings INLINECOATER PVD Coating MachineImpact Coatings’ PVD equipment combines high-quality coatings with cost-effective and reliable volume production. The patented short-cycle system design allows for integration and automation for optimal production flow.

Read more about our INLINECOATER™ product line.

At our Coating Center in Sweden, we provide full in-house coating services to support customers in various product development phases.

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