Waveguide Antennas: Impact Coatings and Waveland Sign Coating Service Production Line Lease Agreement


Impact Coatings (China) Co., Ltd. and Waveland Technology Co., Ltd. have signed a lease agreement for a production line dedicated to the coating of plastic waveguide antennas using Impact Coatings’ silver-based coating process. The lease agreement includes establishing and operating a coating production line at Impact Coatings’ Coating Service Center in Shanghai for Waveland’s antenna production. The initial leasing period is five years, with the option to extend for 12 months at a time following the initial period. Pre-payment for the production line setup amounts to CNY 700,000 (approximately SEK 1,050,000) and the annual leasing fee, excluding volume-based Coating Services fees, amounts to CNY 1,6 million (approximately SEK 2,4 million).

To establish the production line, Impact Coatings will transfer a coating system from the Swedish Coating Service Center to the Shanghai Coating Service Center. The cost of preparing and transferring the system is covered by the non-refundable pre-payment by the customer. The full production line is planned to be operational during Q1 2024.
“The agreement is significant for Impact Coatings as it marks the first substantial customer order for a metallization solution for waveguide antennas in our strategic business area for autonomous safety. In our view, the automotive antenna coatings application area has significant long-term commercial potential,” said Jonas Nilsson, CEO of Impact Coatings.
Waveland Technology is a Shanghai-based designer and manufacturer of plastic waveguide antennas for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving and safety. The company was founded in 2023 by automotive industry professionals.
“Waveland is pioneering plastic waveguide antennas in Asia. We are proud to supply coating technology for Waveland’s innovative solutions, and to become a long-term partner,” said Yaowen Wang, Regional President, Impact Coatings China.
“As a new tech company dedicated to waveguide antenna design, we believe this product is the future for all radar solutions, not only in the automotive industry. With Impact Coatings as our strategic level supplier, we believe this cooperation will help us win more business in the next few years and help us keep our production at a very high-tech level,” said Dean Xu, CEO of Waveland Technology.