Impact Coatings has today signed an agreement with Crede Capital Group to propose to an extra shareholders meeting a capital increase through a private placement of 30 million SEK. These funds will be used both for the MaxPhase Divisions’ continued positioning towards the automotive industry and partly to secure the need of working capital for an increased sales of coating systems.

Upon approval, the process to further strengthen the two divisions, Systems and MaxPhase, will continue.

2015 has been a successful year for the company. After a long period of development of the company's offer, the positive response from the market steered us towards system solutions for the automotive industry, to customers who’s core business is depending of decorative coatings and not least, the production of Ceramic MaxPhase-coated plates for fuel cells.

A large part of the leading automotive companies and clusters are using Impact Coatings' solution for coating fuel cell plates. Thus, we are directly involved in the powerful R&D efforts, which are preparing for mass production of fuel cell electrical vehicles, FCEVs. On top of this, we have had a steady revenue stream through a continuous demand for sub-contract production.

The Systems Division has had a breakthrough in sales during the second half of last year. But the ramp-up of system deliveries ties up capital. A liquidity that cannot always be matched with revenue streams from customers. Therefore, access to capital has been strained and sometimes become limiting for both expansion and flexibility in the negotiations of new orders.

As a result of the positive development and to secure future growth, the company has negotiated an agreement with US based Crede Capital Group. Crede Capital Group, llc, based in Los Angeles and New York, is a family office that invests in emerging growth companies globally. Since its inception in 2008, Crede has invested in excess of $1 billion in technology, life sciences, natural resources, clean technology and other industries, including making early-stage investments in some of Europe's most promising companies.

"A financially strong owner who believes in the company and invests substantially is exactly the reinforcement we need to continue the exciting development of Impact Coatings" – says Lars-Erik Nordell, Chairman of the Board.

The shareholder meeting will be deciding on a private placement of a number of shares, calculated by an agreed formula and equivalent to 30 million SEK. Funding that will make the necessary means for a sustained and focused expansion. The dilution will be approximately 6 %.


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