The annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders was held Thursday May 17 at Impact Coatings AB (publ), whose shares are listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm First North. At the AGM, 37 people attended representing 11.6% of the total shares and vote outstanding.

The AGM decided, among other items:

To approve the 2017 income statement and balance sheet as proposed by the board of directors.

To allocate the annual result according to the board of directors’ proposal, meaning that unrestricted shareholders’ equity of SEK 80 152 310.18 is carried forward.

Release from liability the board of directors and CEO.

A board of directors was elected comprising Mark Shay (Chairman), Jan-Eric Sundgren, Chrisian Sahlén, Lars-Gunnar Skötte and Tanja Vainio.

The nominating committee’s proposal of a new procedure for constituting the next nominating committee was approved.

Decision on new phrasing in the articles of incorporation § 8 where time of day regarding registration date is removed.

Decision on new phrasing in the articles of incorporation § 9, Annual general meeting as well as other shareholder meetings can in addition to Linköping be held in Stockholm.

Grant the board of directors authority to decide on the repurchase and transfer of company shares.

Grant the board of directors authority to decide on issuance of equity and/or options and/or convertible instruments. 

Grant the board of directors authority to make minor adjustments regarding decisions of the AGM in conjunction with registration at the Swedish corporate registry (Bolagsverket) and Euroclear Sweden AB.

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