Impact Coatings Announces New Group Management Team


Impact Coatings announces changes to its management team that reflect the company’s transformation into a group, with parent company in Sweden and operating subsidiaries in China and the USA. The company's new group management team consists of Jonas Nilsson (CEO), Bengt Vernerson (interim CFO), Carina Höglund (COO), Kristian Hillgren (CTO), Yaowen Wang (Regional President China) and Robert Mamazza (Regional President North America). The changes are effective immediately.

“I am pleased to present a new, sharpened and stable group management team for Impact Coatings. We are reducing the size of the team while including the managers of our operating businesses and the regional heads of our primary growth markets. Filling the COO and CTO roles, which have had interim personnel and a vacancy, respectively, with highly motivated and experienced permanent employees provides long-term stability for the company,” said Jonas Nilsson, CEO of Impact Coatings.
Carina Höglund transitions from VP Coating Services to Chief Operating Officer (COO). Carina holds a PhD in Thin Film Physics from Linköping University. Before joining Impact Coatings in 2019, she was responsible for coating development and the building of a production unit for the European Spallation Source ERIC (ESS). Since 2021, Carina Höglund has led the company's Coating Services business area, which has more than doubled its revenue under her leadership.
Kristian Hillgren joins the group management team as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Kristian holds a PhD in Materials Chemistry from Uppsala University and was first employed as a technical specialist at Impact Coatings in 2010. Since the end of 2020, he has been based in Seoul, South Korea, as Regional President Korea responsible for the joint development work in hydrogen solutions with Hyundai. Kristian will initially divide his time between Sweden and South Korea.
Yaowen Wang (Regional President China) and Robert Mamazza (Regional President North America), also join the group management team.
Yaowen Wang has managed Impact Coatings' subsidiary in China since 2022 and during 2023 launched the new Coating Service Center in Shanghai, which is now fully operational. Yaowen has a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium, and many years of experience in the hydrogen industry in various roles in technology development, business development and sales. He joined Impact Coatings in 2019.
Robert Mamazza is the head of the newly formed subsidiary in the USA, where preparations for a Coating Service Center are underway, with planned commissioning in the first half of 2024. Robert holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida and has over 20 years of industrial experience in the thin film coatings field. He joined Impact Coatings in 2021.