Impact Coatings AB (publ), Interim Report January-March 2022



  • Net sales amounted to SEK 5,360 thousand (10,205)
  • Total revenue amounted to SEK 9,464 thousand (5,355)
  • Operating profit amounted to SEK -9,715 thousand (-11,478)
  • Operating profit after financial items amounted to SEK -9,716 thousand (-11,479)
  • Cash flow amounted to SEK -6,595 thousand (122,980)
  • Liquidity ratio amounted to 630% (673)
  • Order backlog for coating systems at period end amounted to EUR 1,899 thousand (1,685)


  • No significant events (1) have occurred during the period


  • No significant events (1) have occurred after the end of the period

(1) Significant events refer to events that comprise insider information and shall be made public via press release.


Activity levels have remained high across several dimensions during the first quarter this year – machine construction, an increasingly rapid development of Coating Services, and significant progress regarding the company’s organization and structure. Now that our organization is more oriented toward the different geographic markets, I’ll comment on the quarter’s progress in line with that structure.

In Linköping, we have been working in various phases of constructing three different coating systems during the first quarter. They will initially be used internally, both for coating production and for developing the company’s coating solutions. It relates, among others, to a larger next generation system for hydrogen applications and a production system for the Coating Service Center that is planned to open in China later this year.

In early March, a production line for coating fuel cell plates was moved to a new production hall. The move went smoothly with minimal disruption to operations. As evidence, Coating Services delivered yet another record quarter with sales of more than SEK 4 million. As I have mentioned previously, the new production hall will also be used as a demo center for customers, which has already begun. Planned automation of the same production line is expected during the current quarter.

A couple of sales discussions that were mentioned in the 2021 year-end report have materialized into system orders during the quarter. These encompass two orders from European customers: one order for radome applications and one system for decorative coatings. Both deliveries are, in coordination with the customers, planned for delivery in early 2023.

The European market is our most varied regarding both system sales and Coating Services. Here we find the greatest number of our customers, with many connected to the European automotive industry, including our primary segments hydrogen/ fuel cells and automotive safety. The company also has significant sales activity within specialized application areas, both historically and currently.

Stefan Dreger, new President EMEA, Hydrogen Solutions since January 1, has the task of increasing Impact Coating's growth in the fuel cell and electrolysis area in the EMEA region. After lagging Asian and North American suppliers by a few years in terms of commercial products in the market, several European players have now started or are in the starting phase of commercial production.

Looking eastward, we must first observe that through Russia’s invation of Ukraine, we find ourselves in a tragic chapter of history. We sympathize with those suffering and it feels odd to discuss how we as a company might be affected. Above all, we hope for a quick end to the fighting and that democractic values ultimately prevail.

We have no direct company activities in Eastern Europe, but it is plausible that component shortages in the automotive industry are made worse by the war, which could also affect new projects and investments. Material and component shortages can potentially affect our lead times for building and delivering coating systems. We are monitoring the situation carefully, and are continually analyzing how our business and our stakeholders could be affected.

At the same time, the conflict demonstrates further our need for a rapid shift to a more sustainable energy system. One consequence is that already now, preparations are being made to receive hydrogen in European harbors in conjunction with construction projects to enable increased import of liquid natural gas (LNG).

During the last week of March, our subsidiary company Impact Coatings (China) Co., Ltd. was registered with the corporate registry in Shanghai, China, as a next step in our strategic growth journey. The head of Impact Coatings’ China business will be Yaowen Wang, with many years of experience in the hydrogen industry and Sales Director for Impact Coatings in China since the beginning of 2019. During his time in the country, Yaowen has built a strong network among the leading players in the hydrogen sector. Since he joined Impact Coatings with sales responsibility, we have seen a steady increase in interest and demand for our fuel cell coating solutions.

China is, paradoxically, an enormous country with a large and growing coal dependency while the introduction of renewable technology is moving faster than anywhere. Impact Coatings has delivered coating solutions in smaller volumes to China previously, among others the first coating systems for fuel cells in 2019. We now move further ahead with distributing our market-leading expertise in coating technology for hydrogen applications, and at the same time support the ambition of quickly spreading the use of hydrogen-based energy on the Chinese market.

We are planning to open a Coating Service Center in Shanghai during the second half of 2022. We see this as an optimal time for us to increase our presence in China and offer a broader and better services portfolio to a growing customer base. The establishment of our own operations reduces risks associated with delivering to the growing hydrogen market in China and supports our customers through local presence, facilitating sample and test phases through volume production. In parallel, we are evaluating opening additional Coating Service Centers in other geogaphic regions, in line with the expansion strategy the company initiated during 2021.

We are present with an office in South Korea since the end of 2020, as part of the Joint Development Agreement with Hyundai for hydrogen applications. South Korea aims to build a society that uses hydrogen as its primary energy carrier. I recommend reading the report about hydrogen in South Korea and Impact Coatings’ activities there that our representatives in Seoul wrote for the company’s 2021 annual report. It was published last week and is available on the company’s homepage (in Swedish).

As earlier reported, Robert Mamazza is President, North America, based in the USA since spring 2021. The North American market is different from others, and the region is not as advanced in its energy shift as many Asian and European countries. Nevertheless, there are large companies active in hydrogen production and fuel cells with enormous research funding targeting the development of electrolysis for large-scale and cost-effective production of green hydrogen. I see North America as a market with the same high potential for Impact Coatings’ solutions and our expertise as in the rest of the world.

Starting with the strategic shift initiated during 2021, we are becoming increasingly global, building strength and delivery capabilities in the individual markets, with continued focus on our strategic business areas hydrogen/fuel cells and automotive safety. Our sales team professionals in Sweden, Germany, Italy, South Korea, China and USA are working at a high tempo and very close to the team in Linköping to continue growing the company during this exicting time for hydrogen and the automotive industry.

Torbjörn Sandberg, CEO 

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