Impact Coatings AB (publ), Interim Report April-June 2022



  • Net sales amounted to SEK 4,379 thousand (14,308)
  • Total revenue amounted to SEK 10,934 thousand (11,586)
  • Operating profit amounted to SEK -13,307 thousand (-11,216)
  • Operating profit after financial items amounted to SEK -13,312 thousand (-11,219)
  • Cash flow amounted to SEK -17,209 thousand (-16,099)
  • Liquidity ratio amounted to 457% (650)
  • Order backlog for coating systems at period end amounted to EUR 1,899 thousand (1,456), which at period end corresponds to SEK 20,278 thousand (14,740)


  • Net sales amounted to SEK 9,739 thousand (24,513)
  • Total revenue amounted to SEK 20,399 thousand (16,941)
  • Operating profit amounted to SEK -23,022 thousand (-22,694)
  • Operating profit after financial items amounted to SEK -23,028 thousand (-22,697)
  • Cash flow amounted to SEK -23,804 thousand (106,882)


  • No significant events (1) have occurred during the period


  • Coating system order for fuel cells from Boyuan (China), order value in the EUR
    1.2-1.4 million range

(1) Significant events refer to events that comprise insider information and shall be made public via press release.


During the second quarter, we presented a revised strategy with a strong focus on scalable solutions and service offerings. The strategy addresses customers’ challenges and need for flexibility in the rapidly growing hydrogen segment, and for the company will lead to a more sustainable growth trajectory with recurring revenues.

We have in parallel experienced a continued high level of activity in the business both in Sweden and in our global regions. In Linköping, two internal coating systems were commissioned during the quarter, one of which is our next generation system for hydrogen applications designed to meet the industry’s need for larger production volumes. One coating system has been under construction, and planning and procurement for three additional machine builds have started. No system was delivered during the quarter, which was according to the schedule of outstanding orders.

Revenue from Coating Services was lower than in the preceding quarter due to two key customers experiencing supply chain disruptions, independent of each other but at roughly the same time. Normal production in Coating Services has resumed for both customers during the third quarter.

The resulting lower production level during the second quarter facilitated planned rebuilding and automation of a production line for the coating of fuel cell plates. The automation will yield a higher future production capacity and allows us to demonstrate a complete system solution on our premises, which will be an important part of our sales process.

Through Coating Services, prospective customers are afforded the possibility of testing and verifying our coating technology. A natural next step is to verify that the quality holds constant with increasing volumes. Automation satisfies both of these demands since we can achieve a higher throughput while reducing the risk of human error. This enhances our ability to include automation and quality control in system sales.

During the quarter, we have also delivered several test coatings for electrolysis, which is the primary method of producing hydrogen from water. Metal flow plates are used in both fuel cells and electrolysis, and the Impact Coatings coating technology developed for fuel cells is cost-effective even for many electrolysis plates. The number of companies planning to produce electrolyzers is increasing globally. Many of these companies are relatively new, unlike in the fuel cell industry, which is also in an early stage but industrializing at an ever-faster pace as large established companies get involved and scale up. Revenues from electrolysis are expected to increase in the future from a very low level today, initially within Coating Services.

The subsiding pandemic in Europe has made possible many visits of potential customers to Linköping. Our own outbound travels to the industry have started up again, with personal visits regarding sales, technology development, partnering, and to catch up on system maintenance at customers we haven’t been able to visit in a long time. I have, during the quarter, visited several existing and potential customers in Europe and North America. Meanwhile, our team in China has put in a heroic effort to hire personnel and prepare the Chinese subsidiary’s premises despite a total COVID lockdown in Shanghai during April-May. The premises in Shanghai will be the headquarters for Impact Coatings (China) and will host our new Coating Service Center in China.

With insights about customers’ flexibility and scalability needs, we have during the past year started a repositioning of the business and our offerings. We described the updated strategy during a webcast at the end of May. That presentation and the accompanying press release are available on our website, which has itself received a notable facelift. Please take a look!

With a decade of coating experience in fuel cells, we are expanding our Coating Services business in Sweden and replicating it to other countries, starting with China. Customers that prefer to outsource coating as a service can trust Impact Coatings’ expertise and presence during the development phase and later in production.

We continue to deliver coating systems, but even here we now offer greater flexibility, both regarding financing and operations. One example is Managed Services, in which personnel from Impact Coatings work on-site at the customer and manage the operation of the coating system until the customer has built up sufficient coating competence.

The first example of Managed Services in practice is connected to the system order from Boyuan received in July. Boyuan is a Chinese producer of metal plates for fuel cells. Part of the order is that we will initially operate the coating production at the customer site. Personnel from our Chinese subsidiary will operate the system.

Beyond the flexible delivery model, we are expanding our service offering coupled to coating systems including maintenance, support and spare parts, training packages, and system upgrades. These service offerings will contribute to stronger customer relationships and increase sales in all the company’s business areas, now referred to as Hydrogen Solutions, Metallization Solutions, and Tailored Solutions.

Impact Coatings has a unique position in a world that is repositioning itself through fast-growing green industry. Our business focus on relevance and executing on the possibilities we see through our strategy continues, backed by stable financing and a knowledgeable team working closely with our customers.

Torbjörn Sandberg, CEO

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