● Net sales amounted to SEK 14,308 thousand (5,016)
● Change of work in progress amounted to SEK -3,208 thousand (4,377)
● Total revenue amounted to SEK 11,586 thousand (9,726)
● Operating profit amounted to SEK -11,216 thousand (-6,305)
● Operating profit after financial items amounted to SEK -11,219 thousand (-6,305)
● Cash flow amounted to SEK -16,099 thousand (-2,299)
● Liquidity ratio amounted to 650% (282)
● Order backlog at period end amounted to EUR 1,456 thousand (3,765)


● Net sales amounted to SEK 24,513 thousand (10,039)
● Change of work in progress amounted to SEK -8,444 thousand (5,933)
● Total revenue amounted to SEK 16,941 thousand (16,301)
● Operating profit amounted to SEK -22,694 thousand (-12,188)
● Operating profit after financial items amounted to SEK -22,697 thousand (-12,190)
● Cash flow amounted to SEK 106,882 thousand (-7,150)
● Liquidity ratio amounted to 650% (282)


● Coating system order for radomes from HELLA Saturnus Slovenija (Slovenia)
● Delivery and final acceptance of coating system for fuel cell development for Hyundai (South Korea)


● Coating system order for fuel cells from Symbio (France)


Impact Coatings continued its strategic progress during the second quarter. We have continued proving our ability to deliver and that we are continuously maturing as an industrial company. This is reflected not least by a follow-on order received during the quarter in the field of automotive safety – the third system order in less than a year connected to the global automotive supplier HELLA.

The Coating Services business in Linköping, which is an important part of the sales process for future coating systems, has maintained a high activity level and closed yet another quarter with significantly increased revenues. During the second half of the year, we will be investing in increased production capacity and automation, with the planned addition of a robot. Beyond increased efficiency, this will improve our ability to help customers with their own production automation.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we delivered and obtained final acceptance during the second quarter of a coating system for fuel cell development from our development partner Hyundai in Korea.

Joint development work with Hyundai in coating technology for fuel cells and related hydrogen applications continues, and we have in parallel enhanced our presence in Korea through cooperation with a local business partner. With our own Korean office as a base, we are working together with our local partner to establish Impact Coatings broadly in the Korean market, where there are several relevant customers in both hydrogen and automotive safety applications.

After the period end, we received a system order from the French fuel cell system manufacturer Symbio – our first European fuel cell system order and a recognition of our strong offering in the segment. Generally, we see that European and North American companies within hydrogen and fuel cell-related areas are advancing their positions, with several large automotive suppliers driving progress.

During the past year, we have intensified our relations within the European and North American fuel cell industries. To further strengthen our presence, this spring we engaged Robert Mamazza as President – North America. Recruiting of a President – EMEA is ongoing, and the position will initially focus on the company’s positioning and sales in the European fuel cell industry. In May, Anette Therén joined the company as VP Marketing & Communications with the goal of implementing a more structured and customer-oriented communications strategy.

Our development team is working intensively on our next generation coating system designed to meet the increasing capacity demands of the fuel cell industry. Development will enhance our ability to adjust fuel cell coatings for specific technical requirements, and to provide delivery models that meet companies’ differing stages of development.

Within automotive safety we are in constant dialog with companies about coating solutions for radomes and cost-effective antenna coatings for automotive radar. The past year’s three system orders related to the HELLA Group were all for coating of radar emblems, or radomes. The German automotive industry group is a leading global supplier of automotive lighting and electronics, where radar and radar emblems are examples of products within the field of automotive safety. We are committed to delivering innovative, cost-effective production technology to our existing strategic customers, and we see a growing business potential within the whole automotive safety segment.

With some trepidation, markets are opening up in Europe and around the world, allowing travel and in-person meetings. At present, it looks like industry exhibitions and other planned events will take place during the autumn. I sincerely hope the momentum continues as I am personally looking forward to meeting IRL – in real life customers, partners, and other industrial players in the coming months, as well as Impact Coatings shareholders.

Torbjörn Sandberg, CEO

The full report is attached, and can be retrieved on the company's website at