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Decorative PVD Coatings

Exquisite decorative coatings are brand-critical for any producer of consumer products. Manufacturers today insource decorative PVD to take full control of production and quality.

Impact Coatings’ production solutions provide superior coating quality, such as color consistency and scratch resistance, in combination with cost-efficiency. Our technology for decorative finishes has for years been chosen by leading eyewear and watch brands, as well as manufacturers of other fashion and luxury products.

Colored coatings on metal products are typically scratch-resistant ceramics, where the color is determined by the combination of metals, reactive gases, and process settings. The primary coating methods are reactive magnetron sputtering and arc evaporation. Impact Coatings provides a broad range of colors qualified for volume production, including a unique deep black (L<30 in CIELAB color space). We also help customers with design ideas, modified colors, newly developed colors, and noble metal coatings for various decorative applications.


The small-batch, short-cycle, INLINECOATER™D system provides both high productivity and superior production control for decorative applications. Unlike traditional batch PVD systems, the coating tolerances are very tight within the coating chambers, and the coating chambers are not exposed to air between batches. This results in exceptional coating stability within batches and over long production periods.

The equipment is easy to operate, making the INLINECOATER™D suitable also for customers with limited in-house PVD experience.



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