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Lighting Reflectors

Vacuum metallization is industry standard for coating of injection molded plastic reflectors for various type of lighting. For automotive lighting a high-quality reflective aluminum coating is combined with a protective glasslike SiOx top coat.

Impact Coatings’ INLINECOATER™R, which combines sputtering of aluminum and other metals with coating of SiOx, is optimized for cost-efficient manufacturing of lighting reflectors in modern automated industry.

Quality and cost control by integration and automation

The INLINECOATER™ short cycle PVD equipment allows close integration with injection molding. The cycle time of the metallization matches that of the molding machine, which allows very compact automated production cells. Quality control of the finished part can be made only minutes after injection molding, allowing feedback and adjustments that maximize production yields.

A limited initial investment, together with the compact cell layout, make the metallization solution suitable for many plastic injection molding operations. For increased volumes and new products, the capacity is easily scaled by adding production cells.

The INLINECOATER™ is prepared for industry automation by supporting the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) machine to machine communication protocol commonly used in the plastic industry.

INLINECOATER™R in production cell for automotive lighting reflectors (Courtesy of Iskra Mehanizmi)

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