NET New Service Provider for Customers in China

​Impact Coatings has signed a service provider agreement with NET – Dalian Nuohao Lianheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. – to support coating system customers in China. NET will handle first-line support, maintenance, and distribution of consumables and spare parts.

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Our Contact Channels

Lately we have expanded the possibilities for anybody interested in Impact Coatings and our coating solutions to follow and to connect with the company. This includes the new Insights section of our website, but we also have other options to get in touch and to receive updates.

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Hydrogen and Fuel Cells at Almedalen Week 2019

The Arena for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells is arranged on July 1-2, 2019 during the Almedalen Week. It is hosted by Hydrogen Sweden, in cooperation with Impact Coatings and fellow Swedish hydrogen and fuel cell industry colleagues.

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