Electrical connectors

• Better than gold
• Eco-friendly
• Durable for extreme conditions

Costly gold plating and growing environmental awareness create new challenges for the electrical component industry. These challenges are the reason why Impact Coatings has driven the development of MAXPHASE™ contact coatings and PVD equipment for connectors and other electrical components.

Our PVD production solutions replace traditional wet plating with eco-friendly PVD technology. The low environmental impact of PVD technology means no environmental licenses are needed for production lines.

PVD is a greener, more economical solution for coating connectors and other electrical components.

We offer well-established PVD contact coatings for electrical connectors:

Silver MAXPHASE™ is a cost-effective silver ­alloy coating that can replace and in some cases even outperform plated gold.

Ultra MAXPHASE™ is a PVD contact coating for extreme wear, corrosion and heat conditions, where electroplated gold is not sufficient.

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