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Electrical Coatings

Impact Coatings provides a line of PVD coatings with unique properties for connectors and other electrical components. The coatings in many applications replace or outperform gold plating as a contact material. PVD coatings are particularly well suited with substrates that are difficult to electroplate, such as stainless steel, titanium, and even plastic.

Ultra MAXPHASE™ is a coating for extreme wear, corrosion and heat conditions, where electroplated gold is not sufficient.

Silver MAXPHASE™ is a cost-effective silver alloy with excellent tarnishing resistance, for maintained low contact resistance and solderability after environmental exposure.

Ceramic MAXPHASE™ provides superior power output and durability for metal bipolar plates for fuel cells.

Noble metal alloy

Electrical connectors/electrodes in extreme conditions

Hardness1) 1700 HV

Contact resistance2) <10 mΩ

Saltspray: 2,000 hoursIEC 60512-5 Test 11-63)

Mixed gas: 500 hoursBattelle Type III, three gases4)

Download – Ultra MAXPHASE™ Product Sheet

Silver alloy
Electrical connectors

Hardness1) 300 HV

Contact resistance2) <10 mΩ

Saltspray: 48 hoursIEC 60512-5 Test 11-63)

Mixed gas: 96 hoursIEC 60068-2-60 Test Ke, two gases5)

LT-PEM fuel cell metal bipolar plates

1) Hard gold ~150HV for comparison

2) @ 0.5 N contact force, Au tip with radius 0.7mm

3) 35°C 5% NaCl, 90-95% RH

4) 30°C H2S 100ppb + Cl2 20ppb + NO2 200ppb, 75% RH

5) H2S 0.1ppm + SO2 0.5ppm

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