Meet Filip, Simon, and Maria

Oct 5, 2020

​Here at Impact Coatings we have a dedicated and highly skilled workforce. We wanted to introduce you to three of our employees who have very different roles.

Filip lives in Linköping with his partner and – weather permitting – often comes to work on his motorcycle. After hours, he can sometimes be found on the floor of the workshop, tinkering with his bike. During regular working hours, he spends most of his time building machine systems in our assembly hall, welding, and he’s always happy to lend a hand wherever else he may be needed. He’s also one of our health and safety officers, helping to make sure all of us stay safe and healthy at work.

The best part about working at Impact Coatings according to Filip is that he gets to work with competent and qualified colleagues who are passionate about their fields.

Simon is team leader for our operators in our coating services centre, so his days are spent making sure both our machines and our operators are happy and running smoothly. He lives with his partner and their two children in a brand new house in Linköping. What spare time he has outside of work he spends with his family, on the house, and in the garden. He also enjoys running, although doesn’t have much time left in his days to do much of it.

The best part about working at Impact Coatings according to Simon is that he gets to be a part of a growth company that’s working with the future of technology.

Last but certainly not least, Maria! She joined us in June of this year, and quickly became a valued member of our team. She commutes to work from Norrköping, where she lives with her dog Zorro, and spends her free time growing vegetables and crafting. At Impact Coatings, she is both the quality and the order administrator. She handles internal deviation reports and quality improvement work, as well as administrating incoming orders from our coating service and support customers.

The best part about working at Impact Coatings according to Maria are the high-tempo days where she gets to both problem-solve and collaborate with her colleagues.

A big thank you to our three colleagues who shared themselves with us. Keep an eye out for more interviews in the future!