Our Contact Channels

Jul 11, 2019

Lately we have expanded the possibilities for anybody interested in Impact Coatings and our coating solutions to follow and to connect with the company. This includes the new Insights section of our website, but we also have other options to get in touch and to receive updates.

Here’s a short overview of our active channels at the moment:


Follow our company profile on LinkedIn to see shorter updates about events and interesting tidbits of industry news from around the world.

Newsletter (non-IR)

From time to time we send out information and marketing e-mails. Trade fairs, product information, or general marketing will usually go through this channel. We may also use it to announce vacant positions. If you’re interested in receiving these e-mails, subscribe to our newsletter!

Investor Relations (IR)

If you are a shareholder, or if you are just interested in receiving our Financial Reports and Press Releases with Investor Relations information, you can subscribe to our Investor Relations feed.

Contact Form

If you have general questions for the company, or for an employee at Impact Coatings, you can now use our Contact Form to get in touch. We also welcome enquiries from anyone curious about Impact Coatings’ products, who want to get in touch with our Sales force or with R&D to discuss how we can best meet and exceed your needs.

Traditional Contact Channels

Of course we still have all the traditional forms of contact as well. Our details can be found on our Contact page.