Your PVD coating service partner

Customers with very different needs find a reliable PVD coating service partner in Impact Coatings. We provide an extensive line of PVD equipment with sputtering, cathodic arc and other PVD processes, to the service of our Customers.

Coating Service examples:

  • Standard PVD coatings: For plastic parts (EMI shielding, reflectors, decorative parts, etc.), metal parts (decorative parts, corrosion protection, hard coatings, etc.) and other substrates.
    Metals: Al, Cu, Cr, Ti, Ir, Au, Ag, Nb, Sn, stainless steel, metal alloys, etc.
    Ceramics: TiN, TiCN, TiO, TiAlN, ZrN, ZrC, ZrCN, CrN, CrC, NbN, etc.
  • Wear resistant decoration: HardPhase™ and BrightPhase™ ceramic coatings in various colors for eyeglasses, watches, medical jewelry, automotive trim, sanitary, etc.
  • Fuel cells: Ceramic MaxPhase™ protective coating for metal bipolar plates.
  • Electrical contacts: Silver MaxPhase™, Ultra MaxPhase™ and Black MaxPhase™ PVD contact coatings for connectors, test probes, etc.
  • RF conductive coatings on plastic: Silver MaxPhase™ for high-conductivity and solderable metallization.

Your PVD coating service partner

Think big, start small and scale fast

Our Development Support is used by R&D and design departments to develop customized solutions. This can include support to industrialize the customer’s own proprietary coatings. Development in close cooperation with Impact Coatings provides access to extensive and unique expertise in PVD technology, making development work faster and more efficiently. We perform test coating of material samples and prototypes, and we run small test series, in close dialogue with the customer.

Next, Small Scale Production Services allow up-ramping of PVD coated products before volumes justify a PVD system investment. During this period we also tune the process, part handling, quality control, etc. to prepare for volume production.

Once a customer has reached production volumes that warrant ownership of a PVD production system, all expertise, production recipes and special equipment are transferred to the customer. This eliminates a long start-up period and allows fast scaling of production. And already qualified back-up capacity is there at Impact Coatings when needed.

Coating Services - Development and Small Scale Production


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