Lean PVD systems

While traditional PVD systems are characterized by large chambers and long cycle times, Impact Coatings' Lean PVD™ system approach is the total opposite. Very short cycle times are achieved using load-lock loading and parallel PVD processing in small coating chambers. The result is both high productivity and a continuous flow of coated products, allowing integration of PVD in lean-organized volume production.

We provide three PVD system families, the InlineCoater™, PlastiCoater™ and ReelCoater™, for a variety of applications.

InlineCoater™ – small batch, short cycle PVD

InlineCoater™ systems are used by customers around the world for decorative and functional coatings on metal, plastic and other materials. The unique load-lock and small chamber architecture provides coating quality and production stability not easily achieved on traditional PVD systems. Processes include magnetron sputtering, reactive sputtering, arc evaporation, HiPIMS and PECVD.

The small batch and short cycle system principle is well suited for lean-organized volume production, handling small loads at a very high throughput. Alternatively, the system can be equipped for maximum flexibility, allowing switch of application or process in seconds in high-mix PVD coating operations.

System types and Technical data (View)

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InlineCoater 500

PlastiCoater™ – integrated vacuum metallization

The PlastiCoater™ is optimized for plastic finishing in various applications, including decorative metallization, reflectors and EMI shielding. Sputtering of metals and metal alloys can be combined with plasma activation and passivation, as well as with PECVD plasma polymerization.

The compact and short-cycle PlastiCoater is closely integrated with injection molding in automated production cells, which can also include UV lacquer coating. This Lean PVD™ plastic finishing is the most cost efficient metallization solution to replace hazardous chromium plating. And it is an opportunity for plastic injection molders to insource metallization and add value to molded plastic products.

System types and Technical data (View)

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PlastiCoater 400

ReelCoater™ – reel-to-reel PVD

The unique ReelCoater™ features reel-to-reel PVD coatings on various strip materials and shapes. Coating stamped metal strip in electronics manufacturing, it provides a cost efficient and green alternative to traditional electroplating lines.

System types and Technical data (View)

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