Low-cost and green contact coatings

Costly gold plating and growing environmental awareness create new challenges for the electrical component industry. These challenges are the reason why Impact Coatings has driven the development of MaxPhase™ contact coatings and PVD systems for connectors and other electrical components.

Our PVD production solutions replace traditional wet plating with eco-friendly PVD technology. The physical characteristics of our coating systems make them easy to integrate into existing production. The low environmental impact of PVD technology means no environmental licenses are needed for production lines.

PVD is a greener, more economical solution for coating connectors and other electrical components.

Silver MaxPhase™

Silver MaxPhase is a low-cost and eco-friendly PVD contact coating developed for the connector industry. It combines low contact resistance with high environmental durability. This allows replacement of costly gold plating for various connector applications. The silver-based alloy also provides better electrical conductivity than electroplated gold.

In addition, Silver MaxPhase can be used as a conductive and solderable metallization on plastic components.

Silver MaxPhase for connectors PDF 2951 kB

PVD Silver MaxPhase coated BergStik 2.54mm unshrouded headers

Ultra MaxPhase™

Ultra MaxPhase is a PVD contact coating for extreme wear, corrosion and heat conditions, where electroplated gold is not sufficient. Typical applications are connectors for oil drilling, marine environments, or very high cycle applications, e.g. IC test probes.

Black MaxPhase™

The Black MaxPhase PVD contact coating was developed for mobile phone designers that wanted a connector that matched the black design of the device. The low reflectance black contact coating is also useful in other areas, including connectors for military applications.

Optimized contact coatings

We have a unique ability to design optimized PVD contact coatings for various applications and requirements. Challenge us!


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