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Impact Coatings AB is a global supplier of innovative PVD (physical vapor deposition) production technology.

The company’s main products are the deposition systems InlineCoater™, PlastiCoater™ and ReelCoater™, targeting lean-organized component manufacturing involving PVD. The systems are used for surface treatments in a broad spectrum of applications, including the opportunities to replace chromium plating for plastics and gold plating for electrical contacts. In addition, the company has developed a complete technology portfolio for surface treatment of bipolar plates for fuel cells. Target customers are primarily component manufacturers within the automotive and electronics industries.

The company was founded in 1997. Headquarter is in Linköping, Sweden, a widely recognized center for PVD research and innovation. Following a period of development and establishing products and services, the company is now expanding globally. Impact Coatings’ share is traded at Nasdaq OMX Stockholm First North since 2004.


Company founders Torsten Rosell and Henrik Ljungcrantz started Impact Coatings in 1997, as a spin off from Linköping University.

The basic idea was to develop PVD as a replacement to traditional wet plating. An upcoming need was identified for coating technology that is more cost-efficient and environment-friendly than the traditional methods. Based on the vision "in every man’s pocket", the company has since then developed deposition systems and deposition processes for mass-produced parts.

A selection of milestones achieved:

1997 Founded by Torsten Rosell and Henrik Ljungcrantz
2002 First InlineCoater™ shipment
2004 IPO (listed at Nasdaq-OMX Stockholm, First North)
2007 First InlineCoater™ 300 delivered
2008 Technical approval of PVD coatings for fuel cells
2009 First InlineCoater™ 500 delivered
2009 Development agreement with mobile phone company around MaxPhase™ contact coatings
2010 First PlastiCoater™ 200 and PlastiCoater™ 400 delivered
2011 International launch of Silver MaxPhase™ replacement of gold
2012 Ceramic MaxPhase™ introduced as the best cost/performance solution for bipolar plates for fuel cells
2013 Launch of BrightPhase™, a replacement for chromium plating of plastics
2014 Lean PVD™ plastic metallization established in automotive industry for decorative trim parts
2015 Ceramic MaxPhase™ selected for first production fuel cell for cars, and first connector with Silver MaxPhase™ launched

First InlineCoater shipped 2002


Impact Coatings is a public company listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm First North. The number of shareholders exceeds 3,000.

Through equity funding by new share issues in 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2014 the Company has obtained a total of 210 million SEK, equivalent to about 23 million EUR, in order to enable development and marketing of the Company's products.


Impact Coatings is led by Henrik Ljungcrantz CEO. Henrik Ljungcrantz, with a PhD in thin film physics, is one of the two co-founders of Impact Coatings and have a solid experience about the company, coating technique and the customers of Impact Coatings. He has a thorough knowledge of the PVD-coating marketplace and knows well the future trends. He is a member of the Impact Coatings Board of Directors.

Henrik Ljungcrantz, CEO of Impact Coatings.

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